“Sculpting is easy,” Michelangelo said: “I just have to remove the material that is too much.”

Some of our participants already know how to ‘remove material’; others do it for the first time, so at day one we have a good look at the various types of stone and wood, and explain the basic techniques. Then you choose a piece of stone or wood and start to plan your artwork. You can decide to work figuratively or go abstract, or just reveal the shape of your piece. The rest of the course you’ll be in the open air, with the diligent sound of hammers and chisels around you and your piece of olivewood, oak-wood or stone on your bench: You’ll look at the piece, feel the shape and take decisions; you’ll carve and chop away the excess material, work on one side, turn the piece around, upside down, add detail, sand, smooth or preserve rough edges. These are happy hours in total concentration, what we call ‘in the flow’.

The tutor is there to coach, supervise and help you. At the end of each morning we’ll review the work as a group.

A one week Course with 7 nights accommodation from Tuesday to Monday, and 5 days tuition from Wednesday to Monday (Saturday is a free day). Classes are from 09:30am until 1:30pm in the studio or out on location, depending on the weather.

Course Dates

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For Beginners and those with Experience

The courses are individually coached and suitable for both beginners and advanced participants. If you have little or no experience, you’ll work with a softer type of stone or wood. You’ll learn how to use the tools, how to plan, to carve and how to get a three-dimensional shape out of the material. Intermediate or advanced participants are assisted to develop their own strengths or encouraged to try various approaches and hone artistic concepts and skills.

Materials and Tools

Tools such as hammers, chisels and gouges, saws, drills, and material for sanding are provided. Olive/oak wood and stone are to be purchased according to their weight and type. You are welcome to bring your own tools and materials.


On Monday, the last day of the course, we have a final exhibition of work, a chance for discussion and to share insights.


The course fee includes 7 nights full board, all your tuition and materials; comfortable accommodation, three meals each day, refreshments and airport transfers*.

Prices do not include flights or travel insurance. It is a condition of acceptance that you have your own insurance.

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